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Here’s what our clients are saying about their Franchise Resource Centers and Franchise Software Systems.

"Our favorite saying in the office is "It's on the portal." That's what we tell franchisees every time they email or call looking for information or a document. The FRC has been a timesaver for us and a great tool to communicate across the entire franchise system."

Drew Johnston, VP Operations
Salons By JC


"We are thankful for our Franchise Resource Center because it is a "one stop shop" for all our franchisees. It's ease of use aids in our franchisees quality and the growth of their businesses. The support staff at FSS is always very helpful with any problems, ideas, or questions we may have. Everything is done with class and professionalism. We wouldn't have it any other way and have enjoyed our partnership with your company. The Franchise Resource Center has made many lives easier within the 360clean system."

Brent Bodiford, Director of Franchise Services


“Since we began using our new Resource Center, we have been able to reduce time and expenses in several areas. Having all our information and training materials in one place means everyone is on the same page and all are receiving the most up to date information and marketing materials. The online training has been fabulous, and we now have 12 employee training modules and related quizzes. The Lead Generation and Management tools have allowed us to open new locations and immediately begin to generate valuable leads for follow-up by staff. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from Employees, Location Managers, and Management. As we grow, we plan to add more resource center tools and really appreciate the a-la-carte method of adding new applications as we need them. We also love the design customization to make the Resource Center look and feel like our brand and our website. We are more than happy to recommend the Resource Center software and the company behind it.”

Rochette Dahler, President/Chief Executive Officer
Little Sunshine's Playhouse & Preschool


"I am thankful for the Franchise Resource Center because it makes my job a whole lot easier by allowing me to put the information for our franchisees all in one place and eliminates sending multiple emails."

Lori Miller, Director of Franchise Services
UVANTA Healthcare


"We knew Franchise Software Systems was the group we wanted to work with. They had the demonstrated experience and the perfect mix of marketing and technology people we needed. The ClearLink Resource Center has exceeded expectations. We envision a long and successful partnership with FSS."

GiGi Carder, Marketing Manager, Dealer Direct Channel
Arch Chemicals, Inc. (a division of Lonza Group Ltd.)


"Our Franchise Resource Center is a key component of our daily operations and marketing efforts as well as the primary tool we use to communicate with our franchisees. If you are involved in marketing, operations, support or training for a franchise or multi-location corporation, you should talk to Franchise Software Systems."

Toni Negas, Director of Marketing
Lady of America Franchise Support


"The Franchise Software Systems team were great to work with. We were able to customize a resource center that perfectly fit the needs of our constantly growing and evolving franchise system. Our Resource Center will undoubtedly propel us efficiently forward in the areas of operations, marketing and reporting with room to grow into whatever is next. Feedback since our recent launch has already been overwhelmingly positive and so we are more than grateful for the FSS team and all that they have done for us!"

Jeremy Campbell
Sola Franchise Corp.


"We are thankful for having a Franchise Resource Center that is both affordable and powerful enough to meet our current and future needs. We found the platform to be very intuitive and required very little instruction making for easy adaptation and adoption."

Joey St.John, Vice-President of Operations
JumpBunch, Inc.


"We are a new franchise concept and we were actively looking for a online solution to become the central repository for document storage and a way to easily communicate to our franchisees. The FSS team worked with us to customize the interface so we could organize the resource documents in a manner that works for our business model to include sales, marketing operations, vendors, etc. The bulletin feature sends an email blast to all franchisees when new information is posted and archive's that communication by subject and date keeps it organized for ease of future access. The team also worked with us to implement various hyper links which allow us to access our 3rd party software systems (CRM, Accounting, and Payroll) without leaving the FRC interface. It has essentially become the Home Page of our intranet platform."

Alan Mishkoff, Principal & GM
Granite Garage Doors