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Our standard Franchise Resource Center includes a suite of 17 powerful applications that provide most franchise companies with everything they need for an effective and professional franchise intranet. The cost for the standard FRC is $250 a month. There is also a location fee which is dependent on the number of locations in your organization. We would be happy to provide custom pricing for your organization and invite you to Contact Us.

Many franchisors expand their FRC by purchasing add-on applications. These are listed below with related monthly costs. Note: Some applications may require configuration (additional fee) based on your unique requirements.

Which Franchise Resource Center applications are right for your company?

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Applications (All included in our standard FRC)
Personalized Greetings Greet franchisees by name, company ID or location as confirmation they have logged in. INCLUDED
Welcome Message Add important information to the Resource Center home page so it will be viewed by everyone who logs in. INCLUDED
Bulletins Manager When the news has to get to your franchisees immediately, use the Bulletins application to post your news item. INCLUDED
Quick Poll Keep franchisees involved and informed with your Quick Poll. Results are instantly tabulated and displayed. INCLUDED
Home Page Manager Highlight the areas of your FRC your franchisees will use most often. Add text and related icons. INCLUDED
User Directory All your franchisees are listed in one directory, including contact information and optional photos. INCLUDED
Staff Directory Reduce phone calls from franchisees and their employees with your corporate staff directory. INCLUDED
Vendor Directory List all your preferred vendors are in the Vendor Directory. You can also add PDF’s and special offers. INCLUDED
Marketing Resources Repository Ensure brand conformity. Keep all your brand identification and marketing materials in one place. INCLUDED
Custom Document Repositories Upload the latest documents in repositories that you create. Save on printing and distribution costs. INCLUDED
Events/Key Dates Calendar All your important upcoming events are noted with dates, times and event descriptions. INCLUDED
Message Board Communicate best practices and encourage franchisee discussion with your secure Message Board. INCLUDED
Franchisee Profile Updater Franchisees can instantly change their information to keep your resource center as up-to-date as possible. INCLUDED
Franchisee Administrator Add, edit and delete franchisees and all their related information in an instant. INCLUDED
Franchisee Activity Tracking Track franchisee activity including logins, bulletins viewed and documents downloaded. INCLUDED
Content Management System Create new site sections and pages (including text, image and document pages, forms, surveys and FAQ’s). INCLUDED
Media Manager Use the Media Manager to add images, documents and videos to any page. INCLUDED
Add on applications (All available a-la-carte - you only pay for what you need!)
FRC Site Search Add a FRC search to help your franchisees quickly find anything in your Resource Center. $9/mo.
Multi-Location Grouping Link multiple locations together so only one login is needed to view information for all related locations. $9/mo
Document Upgrade Upgrade your document storage to 500 documents. $9/mo
Store Locator The Store Locator maps any North American zip/postal code to your closest locations with live Google Map data. $49/mo
Store Opening Manager Schedule and track location openings. Monitor workflow and assign tasks to franchisees. $49/mo
Task Manager Franchisees and system administrators can assign tasks with due dates. $49/mo
Dynamic Charting Highly visual, dynamic Flash charts are used to inform, motivate or compare franchisees. $49/mo
Franchise Performance Reporting Upload a customized Excel spreadsheet and it will automatically be converted to online reports. $49/mo
Social Media Manager Help your franchisees engage and increase their social media audience with your latest Social Media posts. $49/mo
Franchisee Lead Generator and Manager Franchisee Lead Generation and Management applications include lead generation, identification of HOT LEADS (with your custom scoring), Lead Dashboard, Checklist, FDD and related document distribution and more. $99/mo
Website Builder Build location web sites on-the-fly that adhere to your organization's brand and legal requirements. $99/mo
Ad Builder The Ad Builder uses your advertising templates which are then customized by franchisees. $99/mo
Training, Testing and Reporting Training modules and tests are available on an employee or group basis. Note: There is a cost for training module and test development based on complexity. $99/mo
Sales/Royalty Reporting Receive sales and royalty reports from your franchisees. Create and save reports. $99/mo

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