Franchise Resource Center Add-On Applications

Franchisee Lead Manager and Dashboard - $99/month

Franchisee Lead Generator and Manager

The Franchisee Lead Generator collects leads from your corporate and franchisee web sites, as well as any other affiliated sites through the addition of our API (application programming interface) code. You can also add your own franchisee leads right in the application.

The Franchisee Lead Manager tools include identification of HOT LEADS, Franchisee Application and Confidence Scores (with your own custom scoring), Franchise Lead Metrics, customizable Franchisee Lead Checklist, FDD and related document distribution, Graphical Dashboard and more. The Dashboard highlights your hottest leads and provides a quick overview of key lead metrics. The CRM components let you track the progress of potential franchisees as you take them through the process from lead to franchisee.

  • Track effectiveness of lead sources

  • Track progress from Lead to Franchisee

  • Hot Leads are identified and instantly available for follow-up

  • Electronically deliver and track FDD’s and related materials

  • Manage Franchisee leads with comprehensive Franchisee Lead Management tools






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