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Smart. Powerful. Simple.The Franchise Resource Center was built specifically for franchise and multi-location companies. Its suite of applications was designed to reduce franchisee and corporate costs, save time, and ensure constant and consistent communication. Another key benefit is compliance with corporate branding, policies and procedures, reducing the possibility of costly and time-consuming litigation .

Smart. Powerful. Simple.

Features Benefits
Franchisee Lead Generation and Management Find and manage potential franchisees
Document and Marketing Materials Repositories Reduce Printing and Distribution Costs
Web Site Builder Ensure brand consistency and legal compliance
Ad Builder Provide templates to insure brand consistency
Message Boards Share Best Practices and Build Relationships
Bulletin Manager Ensure consistent franchisee and corporate communication
Staff, Vendor and User Directories Reduce Administrative and Support Costs
Task Manager Assign and archive tasks
Training, Testing and Reporting Reduce training and testing costs
Surveys and Polls Get immediate franchisee feedback
Dynamic Charting Provide real-time performance feedback
Franchise Activity Reporting Review franchisee usage to assess ROI
Complete Content Management system Eliminate third-party content management costs
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