Importance of Internal Communications between Franchisor and Franchisee

by Franchise Software Systems
September 22, 2016

The success of a franchisor is dependent on the success of franchisees. You want to be able to help them as much as you can but they also need to be able to run their business independently. It can be a tricky to find the right balance!

Providing franchisees with access to the right information and offering a platform for collaboration can lead to quick knowledge sharing and support. Think of internal communications as the life blood of your organization; both internal and external communications are equally important to control the day-to-day operations of the organization. Company intranets have taken a considerable leap forward over the past five years as they allow franchisors and franchisees to communicate and collaborate in one centralized online portal.

What is an Intranet? 

An intranet is a password protected internal website for a selected, private audience like employees or franchisees. The general public cannot access your intranet. This helps for your organization to be on the same page with events, news updates, product changes, training materials, internal documents, upcoming promotions and more. Having an intranet will ensure your franchise messaging is being communicating in a consistent and concise manner.

Take a look the benefits and importance of having a central area to host all your internal communications between your franchisees.

Two-way Communications

Your franchisees should have a voice and know that they are being heard. Did you know that a McDonald's franchisee in Cincinnati created the fast-food chain's popular Filet-O-Fish sandwich? Also, most people don’t know that a Dairy Queen franchisee invented the company's blockbuster Blizzard frozen treat. As a franchisor, you need to have two-way communications because your next big idea could be amongst your franchisees.

Your Message is Clearly Defined

Having a company intranet will ensure your corporate messages are consistent, accurate and clearly defined. While this may seem obvious, too often communications with conflicting messages come from different departments, leaving employees confused. Transparency and credibility are essential when information from head office needs to be communicated across all locations.

Instant Access 

In today’s business environment, information is being shared in an extremely fast manner, thanks to websites, blogs and social media. People have become accustomed to having instant access to the all the information they need which means you need to ensure all company information is instantly accessible and accurate at any point in time.  

Boost Morale

Since most of your franchisees are in different locations, it can be difficult at times to build morale and ensure the people within your company are being well-taken care of. Having one central area where your franchisees can communicate and receive important information from the franchisor can help boost the overall morale of your organization. Not only can you share company information, you have the ability to share company success stories, feature top performers and highlight deserving employees.

The Solution?

Franchisees and employees seem to crave direct communication with head office, so make 2015 the year of having effective communications with your entire team in one centralized area. As franchise relationship experts, we help companies like yours effectively communicate, train, inform and support franchisees while saving you and your franchisees time and money with our free Franchise Resource Center.

Sign up for your Franchise Resource Center to start effectively communicating!

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