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Thanksgiving Special:
Why Franchises are Thankful for our Franchise Resource Center

by Randy Horton, Franchise Software Systems Senior Account Executive
November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving SpecialFranchise Software Systems has had another great year and we are thankful to all of our clients for their business, support and feedback. We have listened to their comments and suggestions and have continued to grow our Franchise Resource Center software to support the needs of the Franchising industry.

As we celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving Days, we couldn’t think of a better time to say “Thank You” to our clients and share the reasons why they are thankful for their Franchise Resource Centers.

Here are some of the top reasons clients are thankful for their Franchise Resource Center:

It Makes Franchising Easier.

As Brent Bodiford, Director of Franchise Services for 360clean said, “It’s a one-stop shop for all our franchisees to visit. It’s ease of use aides in our franchisees quality and growth of their businesses”.

Our Franchise Resource Center software quite simply, makes franchising easier. It includes document repositories, vendor and supplier directories and 18 other applications designed to make the business of franchising easier. The free edition even includes a bulletin system that sends email broadcasts to franchisees with a simple click-of-the-mouse. In addition, we have a number of add-on applications like the Franchisee Lead Manager that helps franchisees manage and convert leads into franchisees. The free FRC also houses all franchisor documents and marketing materials – all current and all in one place.

Another key FRC benefit simplifies everyday office operations. For Drew Johnston, VP of Operations for Salons by JC, his favorite saying in the office is, “It’s on the portal’. That’s what he tells franchisees, “every time they email or call looking for information or a document. The FRC has been a timesaver for us and a great tool to communicate across the entire franchise system.”

It Saves Time and Makes Money.

We’ve been accused of saving our clients’ time and making them money – and we plead guilty! The FRC incorporates everyday needs by reducing management overhead and streamlining franchise business operations. Lori Miller, Director of Franchise Services for Uvanta Healthcare told us that she is, “thankful for the Franchise Resource Center because it makes my job a whole lot easier by allowing me to put the information for our franchisees all in one place and eliminates sending multiple emails.”

Our Sales and Royalty Reporting application saves franchisors from having to wait for royalty checks and tracking down franchisee payments. With Electronic Funds Transfer integration, the add-on application instantly transfers payments from your franchisees bank account into the corporate account. No more late payments and no more waiting for that check that’s “In the mail”. It’s that easy.

It’s Affordable

Our Franchise Resource Center is Affordable. Why should a start-up franchise or a franchise with just a few locations have to pay-out thousands of dollars before they can take advantage of powerful software tools to grow their business? That’s why our standard edition software is completely FREE. It has no per-user fees, no up-front costs and no charge for hosting or support. (It’s like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google!) When you are ready for an add-on or custom application, we will be there for you.

“We are thankful for having a Franchise Resource Center that is both affordable and powerful enough to meet our current and future needs.”
Joey St.John,
Vice-President of Operations

It’s Customizable

We know that every franchise business is unique. In consideration of that, we do our best to offer highly valued applications within the FREE edition of our software, but we recognize that the things that makes your business unique are extremely important. Sometimes a free or even an add-on application doesn’t quite fit your needs so we have a dedicated, in-house development team that can customize any aspect of your Franchise Resource Center. Here’s what some of our clients have said about their application customization:

“The Franchise Software System team worked with us to customize the interface so we could organize resource documents in a manner that works for our business model to include sales, marketing operations, vendors, etc. The team also worked with us to implement various hyperlinks which allow us to access our 3rd party software systems without leaving the FRC interface.”
Alan Mishkoff,
Principal & General Manager,
Granite Garage Floors

“The Franchise Software Systems teams were great to work with. We were able to customize a resource center that perfectly fit the needs of our constantly growing and evolving franchise system. Feedback since our recent launch has already been overwhelmingly positive and so we are more than grateful for the FSS team and all that they have done for us!”
Jeremy Campbell,
Sola Franchise Corp.

You may want a small modification to the Lead Manager add-on application so it works better within your operations. Or you may want to integrate Sales and Royalty reporting with a third-party accounting package. We have a great track record of completing customizations on time and on budget.

“Thank You” to Our Clients

Once again, we are very thankful to all of our clients for contributing to the success of our Franchise Resource Center software. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continuing to support your franchise operation needs. We’d like to give a special thank you to those of you who shared your feedback and allowed us to include it in this blog post.

If you are new to franchise operations or are an established franchise business, and want to learn more about Franchise Software Systems and our Franchise Resource Center software please give us a call or view more information on our web site. You can even sign up for your own FREE Franchise Resource Center.

A Franchise Resource Center (FRC) is a cloud based suite of applications specifically designed for the franchise and multi-location market. The FRC intranet supports franchise operations, marketing, training and accounting departments with 18 FREE applications. Additional Add-On and Custom applications are also available. The FRC saves franchisors time and money by reducing overhead support costs and streamlining communications and operations. Having all marketing and corporate materials and documentation in the FRC also helps insure franchisee compliance.